Enjoy the cool shade with Gumax® automatic sun shading underneath your veranda. Thanks to the heat-reflecting, stylish sun shading fabric that can be easily operated with the accompanying remote control, this compact sun shading system is the perfect combination between functionality and elegance.

The revolutionary sun shading fabric used for the Gumax® sunshading, produced with a synthetic fabric with interwoven aluminium threads, reflects 89% of the heat radiation. This prevents any hindrance from bright rays of sunlight and you can even stay outside on the hottest days of the year. Additionally, Gumax® sun shading keeps out 73% of the visible light, thereby preventing glare. Even so, despite the effective reflection of light, you will not experience any obscuration underneath your patio roof. You will get the privacy of a secluded terrace without compromising on the unrestricted outdoor experience. 

The new standard in
heat and light reflection

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Gumax sunshading



From private terrace to hospitality facility; with the sleek and timeless design of Gumax® sun shading, you can extend the terrace season to the max. Gumax® sun shading is characterised by its user-friendliness: the compact remote control enables you to create shady areas on the hottest days and prevent hindrance caused by the glare of the low sun in autumn at the push of a button. The motors of each sun shading strips can be individually operated for optimal heat reduction. This is possible up to no less than 16 strips. 


High-grade sunshading underneath the roofing

Because the Gumax® sun shading is mounted underneath the veranda and will not be affected by the weather outside, the system requires only the least amount of maintenance. When the sun shading is not used, the strips of fabric are retracted more or less invisibly and compactly underneath the roofing. Additionally, the moving parts of the Gumax® sun shading are self-lubricating, so there is no need to apply a lubricant yourself at any time. 
Unique heat reflection sunshading


Easy to combine

In both usability and design, the flexible Gumax® sun shading can be effortlessly combined with the entire range of Gumax® outdoor solutions thanks to the flexible Gumax® extension system. Gumax® sun shading can also be used with other types of patio roofing as long as the space between the beams ranges between 936 mm and 950 mm. Feel the power to Gumax® sun shading and experience the difference yourself. Visit a dealer near you to find out more about the options and feel the experience of Gumax® automatic sunshading. 

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