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Create a new outdoor experience with innovative Gumax® products. Gumax believes that you can enjoy your garden all year round by using Gumax® products. At Gumax®, innovation, design, and quality are key, so you can be assured of elegant and contemporary products that will make your outdoor living even more comfortable. 

Being outside makes you feel healthier and happier. During the summer time you can enjoy the sun in your garden without the heat getting under your veranda. On a cold winter day you will be able to enjoy the rays of sunshine, with the warmth from your own home. Enrich your outdoor living experience with a Gumax veranda today.

Innovation, quality, and safety are the main keywords at Gumax®. Materials, technologies, concepts, and designs are constantly being tested and improved. To guarantee the very best quality and optimum safety, all Gumax® verandas and carports are CE-labeled and meet the NEN-EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011 standard. The completion of these CE requirements has been assessed by TUV.

Gumax® tries to make the world a better, healthier place by automating all processes and reducing waste. During the production of our products we keep the impact on the environment as low as possible.


Gumax® offers a wide range of solutions that enhance the comfort of outdoor living. Gumax® follows the latest trends to provide the most recent designs and technologies. Materials, technologies and designs are continuously tested and optimised to offer the best garden experience. 


Gumax® believes in designing intelligent and high-quality products for a stylish expansion of your living space. The Gumax® outdoor solutions are characterised by their elegant design, simplicity, and functionality. They create a wonderful synergy between the indoor and outdoor space, bringing the feeling of uninhibited outdoor living within reach throughout the entire year. 


For Gumax®, the ease and comfort of every user are at the core of their designs. That is why we set high demands on the quality and finish of the products. With craftsmanship and passion for outdoor living, Gumax® realises quality with innovative products that have a long lifespan. This quality is guaranteed, since the production is in accordance with the European regulations. All of our products have the mandatory CE labels. This means that all statistical calculations are executed and our products comply with the established standards. Continuous testing ensures that the quality is maintained at all times.

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