Give your Gumax® veranda an authentic look with the Gumax® struts. The struts connect the post with the gutter to create an elegant finish for your veranda.

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Style and functionality 

Gumax® struts are available in the colours matt anthracite, matt white and matt black. The struts, as well as the Gumax® verandas, are made of high-grade 6063-T6 aluminium. That makes the Gumax® strut a harmonious addition to your veranda. Apart from the aesthetic value of struts, the cross beams underneath the span also have a constructional function. Even though the Gumax® patio roofs are extremely solid thanks to the spring steel in the gutter, struts offer additional stability in extreme weather conditions.

An upgrade for every veranda 

Whether you have a modern or classical veranda, you can add a stylish, decorative element with Gumax® struts. Gumax® struts are placed at the top of the post, underneath the gutter, so they are easy to fix to the veranda. The diagonal struts have a length of 600 mm (long side) and are supplied with two U-shaped profiles between which the strut is fixed. Mounting Gumax® glass sliding doors with struts at the front is not possible as the glass sliding door is positioned on the inside of the post and the gutter, making the strut fill up the void. Apart from authentic struts, Gumax® offers a wide range of accessories for verandas and glass sliding doors.

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