Glass sliding doors

Glass sliding doors

Glass sliding doors

Enhance your veranda with the luxury Gumax® glass sliding doors. By adding Gumax® glass sliding doors to your veranda, you can create an actual garden room and bring your indoor living space outside with style and taste.

Gumax® glass doors walls consist of aluminium upper and lower rails, an aluminium glass profile, wheels with double ball bearings, and glass panels made of safety glass. The glass sliding doors can be realised with 1 up to 6 sliding walls, with a width varying from 1960 mm to a maximum width of 5880 mm. The available heights range between 1980 mm up to 2720 mm. Similar to the options for your Gumax® veranda, the profile colours of the glass sliding doors are available in the colours mat white (RAL 9016) and mat anthracite (RAL 7016). Gumax® glass sliding doors are not just suitable for Gumax® verandas, but they can also be placed as part of other types of verandas and existing constructions. 

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Protected against
cold and wind all year round

Light retention

Thanks to the large glass panels with a width of 980 mm, you can enjoy the maximum amount of light. The required glass wedge, used to connect your Gumax® glass sliding wall to the patio roofing, will not affect the amount of light flooding in; the wedge can be installed either with or without a mat foil. Increase the ease of use by adding matching door handles to the glass panels. This will avoid getting fingerprints on the glass and they offer a better grip when opening and closing the panels. With optional Gumax® privacy foil for glass wedge, you create more privacy under your veranda, while preserving natural light.


Create a solid foundation for your Gumax® glass sliding wall with the accompanying aluminium foundation beam. Mount the lower rail of the Gumax® glass sliding door on the foundation beam to ensure that it is perfectly horizontally aligned. The integrated water discharge holes in the lower rail guarantee proper drainage.

Minimal wind passage

Rain and wind are often the reason why you wish to spend a lot of time outdoors in the privacy of your own garden is thwarted. The flexible Gumax® glass sliding doors offer the best protection against all weather conditions. Every glass panel is easy to operate and moves almost soundlessly. You can move every glass panel individually, or move all panels to one side, to regulate the amount of wind passing through. Do you wish to minimise the amount of wind passing through? With our weather and decorative strips on the glass panels, you are assured of maximum draught reduction while creating a beautiful finish around every panel at the same time. Combine the strips with U-shaped profiles on both sides of the entire glass sliding door to fill up the space between the post or wall. Whenever you want. Merge indoor and outdoor living with Gumax® glass sliding doors.

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