LED lighting

With Gumax® LED lighting, you can enjoy a tastefully lighted terrace in the evening. From dimmed lighting for a cosy dinner to clear lights for reading a book on a summer evening; with the accompanying remote control you can always create the atmosphere you are looking for. 

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Making great outdoor
living experiences for everyone

Sfeervolle buitenruimte dankzij Gumax LED verlichting


Cosy and comfortable outdoor space

The warm-white light given by Gumax® LED lighting makes every veranda a cosy and comfortable space to enjoy your evening. From private verandas to public areas such as restaurants and hotels; the spots instantly provide an inviting and comfortable ambiance. Thanks to their minimalistic design, the dimmable LED spots are seamlessly integrated into your Gumax® veranda. The transformer and wires will be tucked away behind the click boards of the veranda. Functional, stylish, and timeless. 


Easy dim function

Gumax® LED lighting consists of a set of six LED spots that are dimmable to get the desired amount of light by using the remote control. The dimmer has three functions: more light, less light, and on/off. Control the lights from the comfort of your seat to match your ambiance. All spots can be distributed across the Gumax® veranda in whatever way you like, up to two downlights per beam. Create your own lighting plan. 
Gumax LED lighting is dimmable by remote control
Gumax LED lighting under a white veranda


Sustainable choice

Gumax® LED lighting is extremely energy-efficient without having to compromise on light quality. The lights use substantially less electricity than other lighting solutions, they are free of toxic waste products, and only produce a small amount of heat. Apart from that, LED spots immediately produce the full amount of light so there is no need to wait for the lights to reach full capacity. Gumax® LED lighting also has a long lifespan; the spots are less vulnerable due to the use of shock-resistance materials and last longer than conventional lights.
Bring the cosy living room atmosphere outside with Gumax® LED lighting integrated into your veranda.

Led Lighting installation video

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