Polycarbonate sidewall

Polycarbonate sidewall

Polycarbonate sidewall

The Gumax® polycarbonate sidewall for the Gumax® veranda offers a solid protection against the elements. They make outdoor living throughout the year easier and more comfortable. 

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Making great outdoor living experiences for everyone

Indoor and outdoor living in balance

Warm days that should be enjoyed by staying outside can be spoilt by wind and rain. The Gumax® polycarbonate sidewall is an easy and stylish solution to close off your Gumax® veranda on one or both sides. Adding a fixed sidewall is also a great way to create a secluded seating area and privacy. Garden furniture and other tools can easily be hidden from sight. Apart from the polycarbonate sidewall, Gumax® also has polycarbonate trapezoids to enclose just part of the veranda; they are perfect if you just want to close off the top side of a garden wall or fence to create a beautiful finish.

Expand your living space 

Gumax® believes in providing high-quality products for outdoor living. That is why we manufacture the Gumax® sidewalls from sturdy polycarbonate with a high bearing strength and exceptional weather-resistance qualities. As we use several types of polycarbonate, you can decide on the transparency and light transmission you desire; from limited light transmission to maximum light retention underneath your patio roof. The Gumax® sidewall is also easy to mount thanks to the shock resistance and low weight of the polycarbonate plates. 

Compatible at all times 

The Gumax® polycarbonate sidewall is mounted vertically so a side wedge is not required. The aluminium frame of the sidewall is available in the colours matt anthracite, matt white and matt black so the Gumax® sidewall matches harmoniously with your Gumax® patio roof. Because all Gumax® elements are compatible, it is easy to turn your veranda into a real garden room by adding a Gumax® glass sliding door at the front. With minimal effort, you can create a unique outdoor space for every season.

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