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Gumax® believes comfort and space maximization are the true keys
to build home extensions and exteriors to maximize your outdoor living experience with a veranda and carports. Gumax® also believes this should be available for everyone.



Gumax® verandas are a must-have for every garden. They impress with unrivaled quality, a great choice of elegant designs, roof types, and several different color choices. A Gumax® veranda and carports is adjustable to each wish and taste.

Glass sliding Doors

Gumax® glass sliding doors preserve the beautiful view of the surroundings, while ensuring a comfortable outdoor living experience in any weather conditions.


Gumax® automatic sunshading is the revolutionary sunshading system for your patio roof. The reflecting sunshading fabric, which is specially developed, is a unique feature on the horizon of sunshading systems.


With the stylish Gumax® carport, you protect your car against rain, hail, snow, leaves, bird droppings and more. Just like Gumax® veranda, you can design Gumax® veranda and carports as desired thanks to the choice of various colours, styles and roof types.

Great outdoor living for everyone

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