Glass sliding wall accessories

Glass sliding wall accessories

Glass sliding wall accessories

Get the most out of your Gumax® glass sliding doors and terrace roofing with the Gumax® accessories. Gumax® door handles, weather and decorative strips, and U-shaped profiles are not just practical additions to your sliding wall, these accessories also allow you to create elegant finishing touches. 

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Avoid fingerprints 

Gumax® door handles are extremely user-friendly. Every handle can be easily fixed at the desired height on the inside of the glass panel. The door handles offer maximum ease of use when opening and closing the sliding doors and you avoid getting fingerprints on the glass panels. Gumax® door handles are available in the styles: Curve, Square and Square Large. Moreover, there is a choice of matt anthracite, matt white and matt black. Combined with the Gumax® weather and decorative strips, the accessories form a stylish product range. 

Draught reduction

It only takes small solutions for you to enjoy your garden room even longer. That is why the Gumax® weather and decorative strips are the perfect addition to the Gumax® glass sliding door. To give the sliding door the best possible finish, they are often combined with the weather and decorative strips that are wedged around the glass. The fine hairs of the weather strips close off the space between the overlapping panels for optimal draught reduction. They also ensure that the heat stays inside. Combined with the U-shaped profiles, flies and mosquitoes are also kept out. Now you can enjoy outdoor living without any inhibition.

Comfortable garden room

U-shaped profiles are fixed to the side of the glass sliding door to close off the space between the post and the glass panels. Together with the weather and decorative strips, you can minimise the amount of cold air coming in and they create a beautiful finish for your glass sliding doors. Gumax® accessories enhance comfort and finish off the Gumax® outdoor living products.

Gumax® Shading Panel

With the Gumax® Shading Panels, you can easily create shade and shelter under your veranda. Install them easily thanks to the sliding system and move them to suit your needs at any time. Combine the Shading Panels with the Gumax® glass sliding doors and determine the optimal airflow under the veranda yourself. The frame is available in three colours and the slats in seven colours. Moreover, there is a choice of three different spacers between the slats.

Gumax® Shading Panel

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