A selection of Gumax® Resellers

      This website may display the location of Gumax® Resellers. Showing the location is only intended as a search function for website visitors. Gumax® Resellers are independent companies and offer products and services under their own responsibility. Gumax® Resellers are in no way affiliated with Gumax, with the exception of Tuinmaximaal. Gumax is not liable for the Reseller’s acts or omissions.

      Delivery areas Gumax® Resellers webshops

      Danenberg shop

      Approx. 70 km

      Memtec solutions

      100 km

      Dit & Dat Fachmarkt

      100 km

      Firma MA-KA

      250 km

      Nenox Management

      Active in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (approximately 500 km)

      Zaun GT

      70 km

      What does Gumax® add to your Assortment?

      Gumax® offers a wide range of quality products that create a comfortable outdoor living experience. Gumax® provides modular verandas and carports that offer various expansion options such as: Glass sliding doors, automatic sun shading, diverse lighting solutions and more. Ensuring sure that all our customers’ personal needs are met.


      Excellent quality and pricing.


      Modular systems tailored to individual preferences.


      Innovative design that is effortlessly constructed.