The 3200 watt Gumax® heater is the energy efficient heater on infrared basis without a red glow that heats your patio within 10 minutes. The included remote control allows you to switch between the powers of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%, and it’s optional to switch on automatic shutdown. When using the heater at a power of 100%, the electricity costs will be only € 0.72 per hour.

Accessories for Gumax verandas with LED lighting

LED lighting

Gumax® LED lighting with dimmer gives your veranda atmospheric lighting that is perfect for evenings. The remote control allows you to have a beautifully lit patio in just a second. You can easily change the light intensity as you desire.
Gumax accessories struts for veranda


With Gumax® struts your veranda will have a unique style. If you decide to use struts. It will not be possible to place glass sliding doors on the front side of the Gumax® veranda.
Accessories Gumax glass sliding walls require a glass wedge

Glass wedge

An 8° wedge for glass sliding doors allows you to place glass sliding doors on the side of your veranda as well. This wedge ensures that the passage height on the side is equal to the passage height on the front of your patio roof. This wedge is made of aluminum and tempered glass. The glass is covered with mat film, so it’s not possible to look through the glass of the wedge.
Gumax accessories for veranda polycarbonate side wall

Polycabonate sidewall

A Gumax® sidewall allows you to fully close one side of your veranda. The polycarbonate panels will be used in an upright position. 
Polycarbonate trapezoid as accessory for veranda

Polycarbonate trapezoid 

With the Gumax® polycarbonate trapezoid, you can close off a part of the veranda. The trapezoid is very suitable for placement above or right next to a fence for a clean finish of the space. A panel is up to 980mm in height and can be shortened to size.


The Gumax® door handle can easily be attached at the desired height on the side of the glass panel. Combine Gumax® door handles with Gumax® decorative and weather strips to create a stylish whole. 

Decorative strips

Seal the space between the overlapping glass panels with weather strips. Combine weather strips with decorative strips for a complete finish of the glass sliding door.

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