Highest quality aluminum Gumax


Highest quality aluminum

Design and quality come together thanks to the high-quality 6063-T6 aluminum from which every Gumax® veranda is made. The use of the high-quality aluminum in combination with the spring steel strip in the gutter, ensures optimal resistance to extreme weather conditions. Thanks to this strong steel, all Gumax® verandas can bear a load of 80 kg per m2 and can withstand severe earthquakes, strong wind, and one meter of fresh snow. The material is also very low maintenance and is not affected by moisture or UV radiation. All Gumax® systems are also provided with a CE label, meaning the products meet the legal and constructional requirements.


CE label

The Gumax® verandas are provided with a CE mark and thus meet the highest European construction standards. Safety is an important value of Gumax®, and that is why we are committed to supporting the various initiatives and guidelines of the EU. This ensures that our products carry the legally required CE labeling. Gumax® also complies with the European standard NEN-EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011. This means we meet the performance characteristics for structural aluminum parts, as well as for construction kits.
Feel safe with Gumax products with the CE label
Maximum protection with safety glass


Safety glass

All Gumax® products made of glass, such as sliding glass walls and glass roof plates, are produced in such a way that they offer maximum safety. For example, the 8.76 mm thick Gumax® glass roof plates are made of hardened and laminated 4-4-2 safety glass. The PVB interlayer gives the roof plate extra strength and keeps the glass together if it breaks. The Gumax® sliding glass walls consist of tempered safety glass with a thickness of 10mm. Suppose this type of gas breaks, it falls apart into fine pieces.


Quality control

An important pillar within Gumax® is to offer products of the very best quality. This means that our products have a long lifespan and high demands are made on the finish. Gumax® is therefore continuously active with a critical team of auditing experts. By being constantly alert and applying the highest standards, we can guarantee quality. That is why production is always in accordance with European regulations and the products have the mandatory CE labeling. The quality department is also constantly looking for possibilities to improve the Gumax® products. For this we also rely on the feedback we receive from our dealers and customers.
Quality check with high standards
Sustainability and environment are important values



Sustainability is an important value for Gumax®, because we want to commit ourselves as a company to a better world. That is why we keep the impact on the environment as low as possible during the production of our products. Gumax® also tries to make the world a healthier place by reducing waste and atomizing all processes. In short, Gumax® is a company that takes the future into account.