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Close-up van een creme terrasoverkapping met glazen dak en met nieuwe zijplaat goot.

New: more stylish design for side plates

The gutter plates of all Gumax® verandas have been given a stylish upgrade. We have switched from a printed logo to a logo with a relief that has a beautiful three-dimensional effect. In this way, the Gumax® logo stands out more prominently and contributes to the aesthetic value of your verandas. From now on, use is made of a gutter plate on the left and right side. The sides are clearly indicated. The screws have also been adjusted. From now on, the side plates are attached with countersunk screws. This gives an even better finished whole.

Method of mounting
Mounting is as usual in a simple way. For the Gumax® modern patio roofs, the side plates are attached with four screws. The gutter plates of the Gumax® classic patio roofs are mounted with five screws.

What's in the box?
Our Gumax® patio covers are supplied with two side plates. One plate is made for the left side of the gutter, the other is placed on the right side. The plates are packed together with the countersunk head screws. Of course, the spare screws have also been thought of.

Gumax® continues to innovate
The side plate renewal is leading the Gumax® vision and business philosophy. Innovation is an important pillar of Gumax®. Materials, technologies, concepts and designs are constantly tested and improved.