Gumax is an international developing and manufacturing group, bringing design and comfort to your outdoor living experience. We believe that gardens can be enjoyed all year round with our products.

We will keep on bringing innovative products to the market to improve your outdoor experience.


Gumax brings the latest designs and technology to your home by following the latest trends. Materials, technologies, concepts, and designs are constantly being tested and improved.


Gumax is market leader in the designing and developing products for making your outdoor areas beautiful and accessible all year round. We believe in creating intelligent and quality designs that are strong and ascetically pleasing for your and ascetically pleasing for your home.


Gumax takes pride in quality of it’s products. With every Gumax product you are assured that only long lasting quality materials and workmanship is used.


Gumax patio roofs are a must-have for every garden. They impress with unrivaled quality, a great choice of elegant designs, roof types, and several different color choices. A Gumax patio roof is adjustable to each wish and taste. 

By using strong aluminum, Gumax creates a strong and stable construction, that is resistant to extreme weather conditions such as heavy wind and snow. Gumax patio roofs are distinguished by reliability and durability, which ensures of a long lifespan of the patio roof. All the products have a CE marking, according to the European rules and guidelines.

With a Gumax patio roof, you’re able to enjoy your garden all year round. Continue reading, and find out more about the great quality products Gumax offers.

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Gumax glass sliding doors preserve the beautiful view of the surroundings, while ensuring a comfortable outdoor living experience in any weather conditions.
The individual panels give you the opportunity to utilize the glass sliding doors as you wish. The sliding doors are available in almost every height you wish. A great benefit of the glass sliding doors is that the placing is not limited to Gumax patio roofs: they can be placed almost everywhere.

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Gumax believes comfort and space maximization are the true keys to build home extensions and exteriors to maximize your outdoor living experience. Gumax also believes this should be available for everyone. By bringing the latest designs and technology to your home, Gumax ensures everyone is able to maximize the joy of their garden.

Being outside makes you feel healthier and happier. During the summer time, you can enjoy the sun in your garden, without letting the heat under your patio roof. On a cold winter day, you will be able to enjoy the rays of sunshine outside, with the warmth like your own home. Enrich your outdoor living experience with a Gumax patio roof.

Innovation, quality and safety are some of the main keywords at Gumax. Materials, technologies, concepts, and designs are constantly being tested and improved.  Our products are also tested by TUV and are provided with a CE marking, to guarantee the very best quality and optimal safety.

Gumax tries to make the world a better healthier place by atomizing all processes and reducing waste. While producing our products we keep the impact on the environment as low as possible.


The glass sliding doors are also available as a 6-rail system. Therefore, it is now possible to provide the glass sliding doors for longer lengths. The rail is 5880 mm long. Every glass panel has its own guide rail. As you can expect from Gumax, the glass sliding doors are available in almost every height you wish.

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