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Glazen spie voor een antraciet terrasoverkapping van het merk Gumax

New: user-friendly 8 degree wedge

The 8-degree glass wedge for Gumax® verandas will now be delivered in a package form. The new package also features a new U-profile which replaces the mounting angle. The notches on both sides of the mounting profile allow the wedge to be attached to both the right and left side of the canopy. These notches make it easy to mount the profile against the wall profile.

The glass wedge can be used for the sides of the veranda and has various purposes. For example, the glass wedge can serve as decoration and provide more privacy. The glass wedge must also be mounted if sliding glass walls are installed on the sides of the veranda.

Method of mounting
Thanks to the user-friendly installation instructions, installing the glass wedge is easy, as you are used to from us. The installation manual explains step by step how the wedge is mounted under your veranda or carport.

What's in the box?
The package of the 8 degree glass wedge for Gumax® verandas includes the glass wedge, the U-profile, the installation instructions, 16 self-tapping screws and hammer plugs.

Gumax ® continues to innovate
Innovation is an important pillar at Gumax®. Materials, technologies, concepts and designs are constantly tested and improved.