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Gumax sunshading

New: Gumax® automatic sunshading

Gumax® presents new automatic sunshading. Thanks to the heat-reflective, stylish sun shading screen that can easily be operated with an electric remote, the Gumax® sun shading system offers the ideal combination of functionality and elegance.

Revolutionary sunshading screen
Gumax® automatic sunshading contains a revolutionary sun shading screen with woven aluminium threads that reflects 89% of the heat radiation. In addition, Gumax® sun shading repels 73% of visible light, which prevents light glare. The sun shading strips can be operated both jointly and individually. This allows you to create shadow zones during the hottest parts of the day and avoid hindrance from the low sun in the autumn with one push of a button. 

Stylish expansion
Because Gumax® sunshading is mounted under the veranda and does not come into contact with external weather influences, the system requires minimal maintenance. Thanks to the flexible Gumax® expansion system, Gumax® sun shading blends in perfectly with the Gumax® veranda. Gumax® sun shading is also suitable for other veranda types where the space between the beams varies between 936mm and 950mm.

Discover the power of Gumax® sun shading and experience the difference for yourself. Visit a dealer near you and view the options. 

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